Reasons of bad health

Bad health has become a major problem in the modern world for several reasons. the first reason is smoking.smoking is very harmful for human body because it has a lot of poisonous chemicals.when you smoke,the smoke goes into your lungs and harms them.this may cause cancer. secondly is eating fattenning food.eating too much fatty food is harmful for human body because fat blocks vessels in human adddition,fattening food contains a lot of calories,so people who eat this food are usually fat and unhealthy.hamburgers sweets are some examples of fattening food. finally,is working too much.people who work too much are usually under stres,and often feel weak and tired.human body often needs to relax,so people should spend some free time for themselves and go on holiday at least once a year.ın summary,ıf you want to stay healthy,you should avoid eating ,unhealthy food and keep away from stress

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